Imagine your business planting 5 million trees...

The Forest of Marston Vale covers 61 square miles and its reach goes far beyond even that. There are thousands of businesses within the Forest area – some of whom we’ve been lucky enough to work with, but many more that we haven’t yet.

Simply by booking a conference or meeting room at the Forest Centre, your business is helping to create the Forest, but what about coming out the following winter to plant the trees you’ve helped us buy? You could sponsor one of our events and have your company name featured in all of our promo materials, or encourage staff to fundraise by having a 'wear something green' day. You could even bring your colleagues out for a tour of our sites and do team building at one of our woodlands as an away day. Imagine being able to say as part of your CSR policy that you’ve directly contributed to the planting of another 5 million trees. We’re thinking big, and we want you to be on board.

We want to forge relationships with all of the local businesses within the Forest, and beyond, who like what we do and want to help create a greener heart of Bedfordshire.

To find out how easy it is to get involved contact Robina on 01234 762605 or send her an email.

Our Partners

Blue Chip logo on a background of newly planted trees

Blue Chip

In 2010 a little seed of an idea for collaboration between Blue Chip and the Forest of Marston Vale was planted. The idea grew into a solid relationship which has seen over 88,000 trees planted and 8 new woodlands created. Blue Chip is an IT company, specialising in IBM mid-range systems and providing a wide range of specialist services.

Early in 2010, Blue Chip commissioned a state of the art data centre in Bedford, using a revolutionary method of server temperature regulation which made the data centre a world leader in energy efficiency. Blue Chip calculated that 2,000 mature trees would lock up the carbon resulting from the operation of each server rack and committed to planting sufficient trees in the Forest of Marston Vale to cover each of the 384 racks commissioned within the new data centre.

They’ve played a key role in the 1.5 million trees which we’ve planted so far, and we’re excited about planting trees with them next year!


Wooden Hill Coffee logo

Wooden Hill Coffee

In early 2016, the Lakeside Café switched coffee suppliers to Ampthill based Wooden Hill Coffee, and our relationship with owner Robin Sibley has gone from strength to strength. Through working together, he’s gained a valuable customer and in turn the Forest gets 5p from every kilo sold, which can go directly towards tree planting.

Wooden Hill Coffee Company prides itself on being environmentally friendly, Fairtrade and ethical so it made sense to work with the Forest of Marston Vale. My customers can all proudly say that the coffee they serve and drink not only helps the farmers that grow it, but also goes towards the planting trees on their doorstep.

  Robin Sibley, Founder of Wooden Hill Coffee

Jungenreich present the Forest with a forklift truck


In 2017, Jungheinrich UK generously donated a refurbished TFG 316s forklift truck to the Forest of Marston Vale to support our growing firewood enterprise. Our previous forklift couldn’t cope with the increasingly heavy demands and struggled to function on the loose gravel outside the Barn. Hearing about our dilemma, Jungheinrich donated the forklift free of charge and heavily discounted the accompanying weighing scale equipment, meaning our staff and volunteers no longer had to go through the labour-intensive and time-consuming process of moving the logs by hand.

We were very happy to help out. Our head office is in Milton Keynes, so it’s nice to support local charities where we can.

Amy Owen, UK Area Sales Manager for Jungheinrich

Stihl present the Forest with equipment


We pride ourselves on our green values so we were obviously thrilled to receive a cordless telescopic pole pruner, chainsaw and two hedge trimmers, generously donated by STIHL – all of which are battery operated and can run entirely off our wind turbine and photovoltaic panels.

STIHL has worked very closely with the Forest of Marston Vale in the past. We were delighted to be able to donate some Pro Cordless tools to the team in 2016 and we have even used the Forest as the backdrop for a recent photo shoot! It is a beautiful place that we are proud to support.

Simon Hewitt, Head of Marketing at Stihl GB

For more information, or to get involved contact Robina on 01234 762605 or send her an email.

We are an environmental charity, so we pride ourselves on our green values, both at the Forest Centre and in the way we operate as a charity. If your business is looking for a green venue to host a conference or meeting, check out the Forest Centre. With capacity for anything from 2 to 105 people, we are the natural place for your event. 

We also arrange team building days - from getting out in the woodlands, to running through inflatable obstacle courses. Talk to us today about what you're after - call 01234 762616 or email us.