Greenlight Consultancy are a Bedford based commercial energy company, promoting 100% renewable options to their customers from their wide-range of suppliers. They can help any business across the UK, however big or small, to reduce their energy & water costs whilst promoting renewable options to all customers.

Greenlight Consultancy Group advertisement

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Greenlight have pledged to donate a minimum of 100 trees by the of 2022 with an aim to increasing this number in future years. So for every 2 contracts Greenlight help facilitate, they will plant 1 tree in the Forest of Marston Vale.

One of our company’s core values is sustainability, and we wanted to support a local charity that is taking action against climate change. We believe it is fundamentally important to give as much back to the local environment as we can.

To find out more about Greenlight Consultancy Group visit their website or contact them by email or telephone on 0330 1289618.