Located within the Forest of Marston Vale in Kempston, ERS is a leading value added reseller of barcode, mobile computer, label printing and auto ID technologies. Formed in 1988, ERS have built relationships with key manufacturers and are specialists in the latest technology providing value added solutions for businesses. ERS pride ourselves on their ability to offer quality hardware from stock, bespoke and standard packaged software solutions and fantastic customer service from the team of dedicated specialists.

We are conscious about our impact on the environment and aim to be green and offer sustainable solutions where we can. Not only do we keep a keen eye on our environmental impact, but we also work with manufacturers that have taken serious steps in reducing their own carbon footprint. Our first partnership for tree planting was with Epson at the start of 2022 where we jointly donated 250 trees which are now growing in Queens Wood within the Forest.

The Epson planting team 2022

The Epson team at the 2022 tree planting in Queens Wood.

As a result of our partnership with the Forest of Marston Vale, Epson presented us with their Sustainability Project of the Year award.

ERS received Epson

Epson have kindly agreed to continue this valued partnership for additional tree donations for 2023 , based on the number of ColorWorks Colour label printers purchased through ERS.

We look forward to growing our corporate friendship and our next planting in the Forest of Marston Vale in 2023.

Find out more about ERS and their tree planting initiative here.