Woburn Safari Park is nestled in over 300 acres of beautiful Bedfordshire parkland and is home to over 80 exotic and endangered species, many of whom are threatened in their native habitats due to deforestation, urbanisation and climate change.

Woburn Safari Park have historically supported numerous conservation organisations who are working towards saving habitats and protecting the wild counterparts of their much moved residents. But we can’t forget that ‘The Wild is Closer Than You Think’, and the team at the Park feel equally passionate about preserving the habitats of Britain’s native species. Planting trees not only creates habitats for many important native species but also helps combat the impact of global climate change, in addition to providing cleaner air and greater green spaces which can improve mental health. Planting trees is a win win!

Woburn Safari Park are always reviewing ways in which we can improve sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment. Being a drive through safari, our wildlife loving visitors are required to use their vehicles for a wildly immersive day out. Whereas cars produce CO2, trees can absorb CO2.

When we read about a local initiative to plant 5 million more trees in Bedfordshire, we wanted to offer visitors the chance to balance their carbon ‘pawprint’ with this new exciting partnership.

Woburn Safari Park barbary macaque on car

The Forest Of Marston Vale Trust are working towards 30% tree cover and have already planted 2 million trees in what is designated as a Community Forest, one of 13 in England. So whilst watching a lion stroll past their wing mirror, visitors can now feel greener with a small donation during ticket purchase, that goes directly to the planting of new local forest, new local habitat and cleaner, greener air. 

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