Are you a school, community group or project within the Forest of Marston Vale looking for up to £2k of funding?

Willow Hut built at Cranfield School with money from the Community Fund

We spent [our grant] on our Willow Den, which we love! Now we sit in our Willow Den to read, explore, hide, have fun and play imaginative games! The grown-ups are excited because they say the Willow Den has inspired them to make even more of our outdoor area…It’s looking like we’re going to be having even more fun!

                             Little Cranes Pre-School, Cranfield

The Forest of Marston Vale Community Fund is available to any community groups or projects based in (or of benefit to) the local communities in the 61 square miles of the Forest. It's simple to apply for and wide ranging - accepting applications for many things from educational projects to community amenities; environmental projects to energy efficiency schemes. The funding panel meets once a year in February – all applications should be submitted by the last day of January to be considered for the following year.

The company that built the wind turbine at the Millennium Country Park has committed to contributing £10,000 a year into the Community Fund for the lifetime of the turbine - 25 years!



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For more information about the Community Fund, call 01234 762608 or email us.