Aden Contracting Ltd is a comprehensive Bedfordshire based Groundwork & Civil Engineering contractors, which specialise in, but are not limited to, works within the Commercial, Railway and Local Authority sectors.

It is our intent to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that their projects are undertaken to their specifications, whilst ensuring that workplaces are kept safe by meeting all of the required regulations.

We offer a complete package providing Labour, Plant and Materials for each project and pride ourselves on offering outstanding value for money whilst ensuring quality is not affected and timescales set by our clients are achieved.

Aden Contracting are passionate about sustainability and are always looking for new ways to help with offsetting our carbon emissions. So when the opportunity arose to become corporate friends with the Forest of Marston Vale we were excited to be supporting a local charity and being able to contribute to the Forest's growth.

Aden Contracting are pledging to plant 200 trees annually with the Forest of Marston Vale. We look forward to the future opportunities this will bring such as corporate tree planting days.

You can contact Aden Contracting through their website or via LinkedIn.