Midas Pattern Company Limited is an award winning, Carbon Net Zero, precision polyurethane moulding company dedicated to delivering the highest levels of quality, customer service and design for manufacture. In 2019, Midas developed the #MidasGreenInitiative to make their manufacturing process carbon neutral, which they achieved in July 2019 via a number of measures including compacting waste and zero landfill, paper based 100% recyclable packaging, 650 solar panels, 100% LED lighting, no single use plastics, 2 electric vehicle charging points and biogas. For 2020, Midas committed to extend their carbon neutrality beyond their process to include their products, and in order to achieve this Midas needed to offset for some unavoidable carbon emissions.  Midas achieved this goal of making their products demonstrably carbon neutral by approaching the Forest of Marston Vale and purchasing verified Woodland Carbon Units (WCUs) in 2020. Beyond 2020, Midas will continue their commitment to carbon neutrality, by purchasing 500 Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) from the Forest of Marston Vale annually, as well as investing in planting a further 500 trees every year with the Forest.

In the 14 or so months between April 2019 and June 2020, in spite of a global pandemic and an economic recession, we took our world leading polyurethane moulding business to carbon neutrality, proving that with effort, dedication and an honest belief in ‘doing the right thing’ we could become carbon neutral, and if a plastic moulding company can do that why can't anyone?

- Alan Rance, Managing Director

Watch this inspirational video of Midas Pattern Company Ltd’s Managing Director, Alan Rance, which was remotely presented to The World Foundry Summit in New York in May 2022 to share the Midas journey to Carbon Net Zero