Our planet is heating up, so how do we cool it down? In 2019, our founder, Gary Styles, had an idea. What if we could help small businesses become sustainable at a fraction of the cost and save the planet at the same time? Our seed was planted and Zellar was created.

Zellar is the world’s first Sustainability as a Service platform. We launched in August 2021 to help simplify sustainability for businesses to reach Net Zero and to help individuals on a quest to find more sustainable businesses.

Zellar image - we make sustainability simple

Our Net Zero strategies incorporate the essential steps needed to help address sustainability in all areas of your business. We've created customised roadmaps for over 60 micro sectors so you can understand exactly how and where to take the necessary actions. Every business is different; that’s why our strategies support businesses going sustainable at a time, pace and budget that suits.

Zellar are supporting the Forest of Marston Vale by promoting tree planting in the Forest to their community of sustainable businesses.

Zellar are here to make sustainability simple. One part of that journey is making businesses aware of climate change solutions across the UK. Community Forests are one of the best examples of how businesses can invest to help the environment and Zellar are proud to promote the Forest of Marston Vale.

Tom Ansell, Head of Offset

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