The Wood Pellet Delivery Company was established with the aim of bringing premium wood pellets to their Biomass Boiler clients seeking to invest in the longevity of their boiler by using renewable energy. Established as a trading name for Durrant Electrical and Mechanical Ltd, they also trade as Green Home Energy Solutions - after finding that their customers were having problems with the pellets they were using, affecting boiler performance, they sought to provide a high quality solution and form of renewable energy.

Now every time they make a delivery to a customer they will pay for 1 tree to be planted in the Forest - with over 1000 deliveries a year and growing they're hoping to make a real difference.

a wood pellet delivery in action

Our business is built around renewable energy and whilst the wood pellets used in biomass boilers are made from the waste from the saw mill industry, we feel passionate about doing the right thing. We wanted to work with a scheme where we could actually say to a customer, “we have planted a tree as a result of the delivery to you today” - the Forest of Marston Vale was happy to support this and is located in the area that we deliver to. 

Find out more about The Wood Pellet Delivery Company by telephone on 01493 800 662 or email [email protected], or you can visit their website.