Trees for Climate

We have been creating woodland and growing the Forest of Marston Vale for nearly 30 years, and now -through Trees for Climate - we can offer our years of expertise and professional advice along with grants that can cover the costs of creating a new woodland.

Trees for climate is a five year, multi-million pound woodland creation programme that offers landowners and community groups the opportunity to transform their land into a new woodland, aided with financial support and long-term, bespoke advice from our Expert Forest Creation.

Whether you are a parish council looking to add some shade to a green space or a farmer looking to diversify income streams, we can help. Planting trees has never been easier.

Trees for Climate, where planting pays.

Launched in November 2020, Trees for Climate is part of the national Government-led Nature for Climate fund and is being delivered by England's Community Forests.

Photo: Nick Marsh

Trees can be a hugely valuable addition to farms and other land holdings. If they are introduced with the right level of support and as part of a well thought through farm business, trees will deliver financial, environmental and social benefits and ensure stewardship of the land for generations to come. Carbon payments for woodland creation can also be a beneficial supplement to farm incomes.

Woodland creation can have many benefits: providing shelter and shade for livestock, people or property; supporting pollinators that can help crop management; creating additional income through future timber, woodfuel and carbon payments and offering wider benefits as part of an agroforestry scheme. They can also combat soil erosion and improve soil quality, slow water run-off entering watercourses, buffer watercourses and improve water quality, extend the growing season through warming the soil and improve biodiversity and the local environment for future generations.

Through Trees for Climate we can offer attractive finance packages and advice on how to plant and maintain trees for their long term health and regeneration.
Trees for Climate funding can cover costs associated with woodland creation and provide continued funding to ensure the successful establishment of the trees and associated infrastructure that is needed. Grants can cover the following:
  • Meeting the costs of woodland creation and other types of planting schemes - with up to £10,200 per hectare available to meet capital costs;
  • Support for related costs where needed e.g. project infrastructure or pre-planting survey costs;
  • An ongoing maintenance plan funded at £350 per hectare per year for 15 years to ensure project success;
  • An environmental benefits payment from £200 per hectare per year for 15 years;
  • Flexible and hybrid delivery options for the landowner.

Grant support for other options including hedgerow planting is also available. Grants are not dependent on public access but additional funding could be available for this and other indirect benefits. There is no minimum or maximum scheme size; Trees for Climate funding has supported very large schemes as well as many, much smaller projects.

We also recognise that each landowner and farmer is different and has different pressures and needs, which is why we offer flexible models for delivering new planting projects, all of which our Forest Creation Team would be happy to talk through with you

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Our grant process is straightforward and our Forest Creation Officers can explain the grant offer and the options available to you in more detail once we know a bit about the site you're thinking of planting. Let us know that you're interested below, and someone will get back to you for a quick, informal discussion:

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