Trees for Climate

We have been creating woodland and growing the Forest of Marston Vale for nearly 30 years, and now -through Trees for Climate - we can offer our years of expertise and professional advice along with grants that can cover the costs of creating a new woodland.

Trees for climate is a five year, multi-million pound woodland creation programme that offers landowners and community groups the opportunity to transform their land into a new woodland, aided with financial support and long-term, bespoke advice from our Expert Forest Creation.

Whether you are a parish council looking to add some shade to a green space or a farmer looking to diversify income streams, we can help. Planting trees has never been easier.

Trees for Climate, where planting pays.

Launched in November 2020, Trees for Climate is part of the national Government-led Nature for Climate fund and is being delivered by England's Community Forests.

Trees make life better for people, wildlife and the planet, and add so much value to our community spaces. We’re looking to help schools, community groups and Parish Councils with practical support and funding to plant trees and create woodland in their local area.

There has never been a more important time to plant trees.

Trees help to cool and clean the air around us, lock up carbon and make our communities greener and more resilient in the face of the changing climatic conditions. Trees improve the biodiversity of open green space by providing much-needed habitat and wildlife corridors for species to thrive - something really important (and necessary) to combat global biodiversity loss.

Local woodlands can also be used to create shaded areas for outdoor learning or places of recreation - in fact having access to green space and woodland has been proven to improve our physical health and mental wellbeing.

By planting trees and creating new woodland in our communities we can make the areas where we live and work nicer, more beautiful places to be.

It’s not ‘just trees’ - our grants can fully fund and deliver tree planting projects that help create better communities whilst also tackling the biodiversity crisis and climate emergency.

Through Trees for Climate we can provide:

  • Grant funding to cover the costs of creating a new woodland;
  • Support with design, planning and delivery of your project - including working with you to plan tree planting events for your school/community group;
  • Expert practical advice and maintenance grant payments towards the establishment of the trees.

The grant can cover costs associated with woodland creation and provide continued funding to ensure the successful establishment of the trees and associated infrastructure that is needed.

Our experienced Forest Creation Team can walk you through every step of your woodland creation. From looking at potential planting sites right through to supporting with planting events, we can provide you with as much help as you would like to deliver projects that meet the needs of your community and make real practical and environmental sense.

We'd love to tell you more

If you own or manage a community space and are interested in talking about tree planting, we’d love to here from you. Our grant process is straightforward and our Forest Creation Officers can explain the options available to you in more detail. Let us know that you're interested below, and someone will get back to you for a quick, informal discussion:

I’d like to plant trees in my community