We were so impressed this weekend to see 175 people come along and plant trees at our latest site near Wilstead, despite Storm Ciara. The wind was gusting at 62mph at times but despite the weather everyone carried on and planted an amazing 1500 trees. Shout out to our Forest Volunteers who were up there all day holding the fort - we hope you've all thawed out!

We previously told you about the Macmillan’s raising an amazing £3398 with their friends to plant trees to offset their international flights; they showed up in force and filled the majority of the first bus, with four legged friends in tow (photo above). We don’t know the exact amount they planted (it’s very easy to lose count out there) but we’re very grateful to them all for coming out and having smiles on their faces the entire time!

It’s inspiring to us to see people getting as stuck into trees as we are – it’s a lovely, annual reminder that people appreciate what we do and want to help. As a Community Forest, this is about the most important thing we can do to get the community physically involved in the Forest. Make sure you go out there and check the site out once the weather is a bit better - or check out any of our other woodlands across the Forest (some of which you may not even have realised were ours...) 

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