Local heroes

If you’re looking for some eco-spiration in 2020, check out Sue and James Macmillan. They decided to club together with all of their friends to plant enough trees to off-set their flights. They’ve donated an amazing £3398 which equates to 424 trees! This isn't just going to ease their environmental conscience - this is making the Marston Vale a better place to live, work and play. If everyone did the same, imagine how many trees we could plant towards our goal of another 5 million...

Recently with our daughter and her young family (James 2 yrs, and Rory 4 months) living in Singapore - our air travel has significantly increased. We wanted to find a way to offset the impact of these flights as best we could - knowing that not flying was the recommended action yet the thought of not seeing our only grandchildren for a year at a time felt too difficult. Having done some research, tree planting seemed the best way forward and we wanted to plant indigenous species locally that we could take our grandchildren to see when they were back in the UK. 

We were actually at the children’s play area at the Forest Centre with our grandsons on their last visit when we approached Robina about the idea of planting trees to offset our air travel. This felt like the perfect circle and so we hatched a plan to include our cycling friends too.

 Sue and James Macmillan

Be like the Macmillans

Our team in the office are going to plant 65 trees to offset our collective flights from 2019 at the next Public Tree Planting. 2020 needs to be the year when everyone takes more responsibility for their impact on their environment. Be like the Macmillans and do something positive for the climate and for the local area - have a whip round with your friends and family and come along to our Public Tree Planting to make your contribution to the Forest.

For more information, talk to Robina on 01234 762605 or send her an email. 

Special thanks to: Pauline & Steve Naylor, Caroline & Ian Hickson, Chris & Linda Marshall, Janet & Roger Penfound, Rosemary & Peter Horrocks, Liz & Tim Raper, Clare Francis, Sue & Richard Willis, Martin & Nikki Hughes, Carol Johnson, and others