Trees make life better - we’re aiming to plant another 5 million.

We’ve already planted over 2 million trees, and we don’t want to stop there. We need your support to help us realise our vision of a better, greener Forest of Marston Vale, for those who live there now and for future generations.

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Give back to trees

Trees make life better - for people, for wildlife and for the planet. This December, we're asking people to donate £3 to help us plant more trees in the Forest - it's as simple as that!

We rely almost entirely on support from donations and fundraising – every £20 pays for another tree in the ground, and every tree in the ground is potentially another habitat for hundreds of species, or another patch of shade, or another 118 kilos of oxygen…

Obviously, you can donate any amount at any time, and it will help us towards our goal of 5 million more trees but if you’d like to support the Forest regularly, why not become a Friend of the Forest – from only £5 a month, you are helping us to continue our vital work across our woodlands and getting free parking and access to the Wetlands Nature Reserve, at the Millennium Country Park.

Spread the word

Whatever you do to help the Forest of Marston Vale, make sure you tell people about it! Share your donation or fundraising ideas on social media, and get everyone involved – Love your Forest!

Give us your time

Volunteers make up a huge part of our work force – if you can spare some time, or want to be a part of our growing team, then we could use your help both with practical work and with raising awareness in the community, and at events.

If you’re interested in fundraising for us, by doing something you love or have always wanted to try (think skydiving or a marathon) then we can provide all of the materials you need, from the ideas to online sponsorship – we make it easy for you to share your event on social media or via email, to get your friends involved.