The Forest of Marston Vale has been a catalyst for woodland creation for almost 30 years, transforming 61 square miles between Bedford and Milton Keynes with over 2 million trees. Now, through the Trees for Climate programme, we can offer our expertise and experience, together with an attractive funding package, to landowners within the Forest boundary and up to three miles beyond.

Trees for Climate is a five year, multi-million-pound woodland creation programme that offers landowners and community groups the opportunity to transform their land through tree planting.

Creating a wooded area is more than just planting trees, it’s about the benefits they bring for wildlife and future generations.

As part of the national Grow your Roots campaign, we’re joining Community Forests across the country in encouraging landowners to leave a lasting legacy and help the environment by planting trees on their land. 

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach so our expert Forest Creation Officers will offer bespoke advice ensuring that whatever they propose is right for you and your land. They’ll be on hand to help with the whole process from planning, to funding and delivery. This support is backed by a Trees for Climate grant which can cover the costs of woodland creation along with 15 years of maintenance payments to ensure the project is a success.

It's your land so do something amazing with it. Plant a wood, leave your mark, and play your part in protecting and improving our environment.

Trees make life better for people, for wildlife and for the planet - they boost biodiversity, help clean and cool the air, lock up carbon, reduce flooding, improve soil quality, and are our best hope in combatting the climate crisis. 

Planting trees is one of the most positive legacies you can leave on your land. 

As an expert advisor, trusted delivery partner and funder in one local organisation, we’re here to support you in creating new woodland.

Find out more about here and get in touch today on 01234 767037 or by emailing [email protected]

Trees for Climate has been made possible through the work of the Government’s England Trees Action Plan and funding from the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund