Shocott Spring, between Cotton End and Shortstown

We started planting at Shocott Spring in 2005 and completed it in early 2011. It’s 52 hectares (or 128 acres) and it is where we planted our 1 millionth tree!

Did you know – The site over looks the famous Cardington Sheds where many famous films have been shot, including Star Wars, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The name Sho-cott was created as a combination of Shortstown and Cotton End as it sits equally between the two. It has a marked 3km distance trail, with posts every 100m - perfect if you’re doing a couch to 5k programme.

There are picnic tables, benches and information boards across the site, with mown and surfaced paths that are level enough for buggies and wheelchairs.

Open space and trees in Shocott Spring

How to get there:

There is no parking available at this woodland - so please do not drive there!
Access from: High Road (A600)


Walk from the Forest Centre (9 miles)


Cycling is permitted at Shocott Spring.


Our handy map below shows the entrances to the site:

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If your friends and family use Shocott Spring then please let them know that it is run by the Forest of Marston Vale and not the council. Land is expensive and managing woodlands is expensive. It isn't as simple as putting a tree in the ground and walking away - it costs £20 to plant one tree and look after it for 5 years. So trees don't cost the earth, but they might just save it.