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£10 - Sponsor a Habitat - Grassland

Grassland comes in many forms, supporting ground nesting birds, birds of prey and wildflowers alike, in different, amazing ways. Sponsor an area of grassland to support this incredibly versatile habitat. Read more

£10 - Sponsor a Habitat - Reedbed

Reedbeds are a UK priority for conservation and are incredibly important habitats for many species – ours have even brought rare birds back to Bedfordshire. Sponsor an area of reedbed to give bitterns and otters somewhere to hide out. Read more

£10 Sponsor a Habitat - Ponds and Lakes

We’re very proud of the Lakes and Ponds of the Millennium Country Park – sponsor an area of them to support the huge variety of wildlife that live there, from newts, to shrews to water scorpions. Read more

£10 Sponsor a Habitat - Woodland

Woodland is possibly the most vital habitat on the planet - supporting thousands of species from butterflies to bluebells to bats. If you love trees as much as we do, sponsor an area of woodland. Read more

£10 - Sponsor a Habitat - Hedgerow

Hedgerows are not only a vital habitat themselves, but they act as a corridor allowing wildlife to safely travel around. Sponsor an area of hedgerow to help hedgehogs, bank voles and butterflies thrive. Read more