Hi all. So I have given myself a challenge...to run every day for 40 days in order to purchase and maintain at least 10 trees within the Forest of Marston Vale.  I am now more than half way through my goal. Each day I run, and shall continue to run (on average) 2.7 miles/4.4 kms, without stopping. All my running will remain outdoors, come rain or shine! It won’t always be easy! 😅  

The Forest of Marston Vale is really important for the people of Bedfordshire, and its goal of eventually planting 5 million trees is simply brilliant!

On a local level, holding onto and increasing green space is so important. With the encroachment of large housing developments, sprawling areas of warehouses and so on, there are fewer places for people to retreat to and feel closer to nature. Woodlands and green space created and maintained by the Forest of Marston Vale provide valuable and much needed pockets of nature.

On a global level, we are living in a time of climate emergency. One natural way to support and fix the environment is via tree planting. Trees by their very nature create oxygen and absorb large quantities of carbon emissions. Win, win!

Plus I love trees! 🌲🌳🌳🌲🌲

*’Land is expensive and managing woodlands is expensive. It isn't as simple as putting a tree in the ground and walking away - it costs £20 to plant one tree and look after it for 5 years. So trees don't cost the earth, but they might just save it’.

From: marstonvale.org website

Lee M