Photo credit: Bryan Bland

This new bench - wonderfully modelled here by the beautiful BeeBee - has been installed at Shocott Spring, our site located between Shortstown and Cotton End to the south east of Bedford.

The benches are supplied and installed by Darren at Bedfordshire Woods, one of our Corporate Friends of the Forest.

With a marked 3km distance trail with posts every 100m, Shocott Spring is perfect if you’re doing a couch to 5k programme, with lots of mown and surfaced paths for locals to explore and now these new picnic tables and benches for resting.

If you've got the energy and fancy more of a challenge there's also a walk from the Forest Centre at Millennium Country Park into Bedford via Shocott Spring

As a Community Woodland intended for use by local people it's important to remember that there is no parking available at this site. 

Visitors coming from further afield are asked to travel responsibility: if visiting cycle or use public transport instead - the Traveline website is a fantastic source of information on local services. We ask that visitors not cause disruption to local residents or park dangerously/illegally on private property, and do not block access to gateways or driveways when parking and be sure to leave access for emergency vehicles.