Bedfordshire Woods is a small local business that not only sweeps chimneys, but also offers woodland based services, including woodland management, sawmilling, lumber sales and delivery of wooden based products ranging from simple wooden benches to bespoke interpretation structures. Owner, Darren Woodward says, "I get a tremendous sense of achievement from making wooden products or generating timber by milling trees that would otherwise end up as firewood."

Celebration Wall

The new community woodlands that the Forest of Marston Vale deliver are a fantastic asset to local and visiting communities and as well as creating habitat also create future economic opportunities from management operations, such as thinning works which will generate valuable timber whilst making room for surrounding trees to mature. The generation of firewood is also a by-product of sustainable woodland management - so given chimney sweeping is also a service I offer, you could say my involvement with trees is full circle, which is why I am keen to help grow the Forest and contribute £2.50 for every chimney I sweep and pledge £10 for every wood related sale valued over £150. 

For more information about Bedfordshire Woods' services contact Darren:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07946 577590.