I roam along the path, twigs crunching beneath my feet, reverberating around the forest trees surrounding me, containing exotic wildlife and intriguing creatures of all kinds. Stopping to absorb the scent of fresh air, flourishing lilies and leaves covered in morning dew was the right decision. Birds perch on branches and chirp their morning greeting, demonstrating their multicoloured beauty as they pirouette magnificently around. As midday approaches, the clouds above part and sunlight floods through, lighting up the path ahead like a helping hand. The oak tree’s leaves drape down to the bright green grass, brandishing its charm and splendour. Gingerly, I run my hand over the velvety softness of the leaves and savour the feeling of peace that warms my heart; a feeling like no other. I listen intently and stifle a gasp as I hear the unique sound of deer bounding along the grass up ahead. My attention suddenly retreats, concentrating now upon several butterflies, fluttering their wings with elaborate patterns, eye-catching and precise, daring me to join them. 

As I continue up the sunlit pathway, a glistening lake comes into view, water rippling delicately as a gentle breeze settles over it. In the distance, I can see cliffs and even more trees- not one car in sight.  My eyes stumble upon a school of pint-sized blue fish, weaving in and out of water plants without a rush. A sudden burst of joy leaks out of me, and I skip along the rest of the way. When I reach the end of the path, I turn round, and marvel once more at the mystifying heavenliness of the nature that surrounds me. Leaving the forest does not make me sad… because I know that it will always be there tomorrow in all its glory, and that I can now leave the creatures within to prosper in peace.

Brooke Harris (11)

Wixams Academy