Wooden Hill Coffee Roasters

In early 2016, the Lakeside Café switched coffee suppliers to Ampthill based Wooden Hill Coffee Roasters, and our relationship with owner Robin Sibley has gone from strength to strength. Through working together, he’s gained a valuable customer and in turn the Forest gets another tree for every 100kgs of coffee sold.

Wooden Hill Coffee Roasters prides itself on being environmentally friendly, Fairtrade and ethical so it made sense to work with the Forest of Marston Vale. My customers can all proudly say that the coffee they serve and drink not only helps the farmers that grow it, but also goes towards the planting trees on their doorstep.

Robin Sibley, Founder of Wooden Hill Coffee Roasters

Wooden Hill and Surfin Cafe at the Tree Planting Site

Robin and the Surfin Cafe Biggleswade planting 68 trees at our 2020 Tree Planting in Wilstead