Help us look after the trees in the Forest of Marston Vale

Many people enjoyed spending time in our Community Woodlands and Millennium Country Park over the course of the different lockdowns, and we’re happy that our sites have given people a haven in nature for their wellbeing throughout this difficult time.

Our income has been significantly reduced over the last year as we've seen our Forest Centre close multiple times and many events cancelled, so we really need your help to recover some of our losses and help us protect and grow the Forest for years to come. 

Our woodlands don't look after themselves - they need to be managed, not just so they're safe for the public to visit, but also to provide diverse habitats for the wildlife they provide homes for. We've also just finished tree planting season where we planted over 15,000 trees and shrubs at our new woodland in Houghton Conquest, all of which will need management and attention as they grow, as well as infrastructure like pathways, fences and benches.

Become a Friend of the Forest 

For just over £1 a week you can make a regular donation as a Friend - there's lots of benefits to you, but for us, it helps us keep going even in the toughest times. 

Become a Friend 

Support us with a one off donation

You can make a one off donation of any amount - every £20 donated is another tree in the ground or funding that helps us manage the Forest and protect the trees.