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How to get there

Forest Centre opening times and directions

Start/finish points

The Forest Centre, Marston Moretaine


23 miles

Route Description-

1 - With the Forest Centre on your right, follow the cycle path clockwise around the Millennium Country Park for 5.5 miles and leave the Park along the main drive. Turn left onto Gold Furlong and then after about 300 yards turn right on the main road, towards Marston Moretaine.

2 - Turn right at the T Junction by the Co-op and post office and follow the road.

3 - Turn left into Lower Shelton Road and follow the way-marked cycle path through the subway (watch out for blind bends).

4 - Turn right at the t-junction at Upper Shelton and pass through Woolton Green.

5 - Turn left at Wootton into Church Road past the war memorial and then the church (both on the left).

6 - Turn left at the t-junction (signposted Wood End/ Bourne End) and watch out for winding roads and blind bends.

7 - Turn right at the t-junction (signposted Wood End/Kempston).

8 - Turn left at the t-junction into West End Road, ignoring the Cycle Route sign for Stagsden.

9 - Turn right on the through road - please note the road climbs and descends a substantial ridge.

10 - Turn left at Firs Farm and follow the single track lane (signposted Stagsden West End). Watch out as the track is uneven. Turn right onto the through route, up the lane (which climbs gradually.)

11 - Turn left onto Bedford - Milton Keynes road but take care as it’s a busy road. Veer left after the Buckinghamshire sign onto a one-way slip road, which soon becomes a two way carriageway. The road ascends for approx. 0.3 miles.

12 - Turn left at the t-junction in Astwood (signposted Cranfield) - this is a steady descent then ascent. Just beyond the bus shelter turn left (signposted Cranfield).

13 - At the four-way intersection at Broad Green turn left into Crane Way (signposted Wootton/Bedford). Take care joining the main road (it veers in on the left, but has priority). Ignore the signposted route to Marston Moretaine at the foot of the descent.

14 - After passing The Exhibition on the left, turn right to retrace your steps and right into the subway. On the main road turn right towards Marston Moretaine (signposted with the cycle route symbol). Turn left at the post office onto Station Road and follow the road until just before the speed camera where you turn left back onto Gold Furlong and promptly turn right into the Forest Centre & Millennium Country Park.

Pit stops/points of interest

Wootton, Stagsden, Astwood,

The Forest Centre