Our favourite habitat

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Obviously, as a Forest, we love woodlands. Trees cool and clean our air, prevent flooding and provided habitats for thousands of species). But their presence extends beyond that – woodland shade provides a perfect habitat for hundreds of species of lichen and moss, with up to 300 different species per km2 in places like the New Forest. Just one mature oak tree can have over 300 species of lichen alone growing on it. Of course you’ll find bluebells, wood anemones, primroses and violets in areas where lots of light hits the woodland floor, as well as numerous ferns and grasses that you won’t find elsewhere.

Walking through a woodland, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t a great deal of life there, as its quiet and peaceful but they are teeming with life - you only have to stop and watch for a while to see it for yourself. All of the different types of plants, fungi and lichens provide a vast menu of food choices (and hiding places) for a wide variety of animals.


Bluebells on the woodland floor

Woodlands support the entire food chain - from the aphids that feed on leaves in the tree canopy and caterpillars/ground beetles hunting on the woodland floor to the song birds hunting insects and small invertebrates and sparrowhawks hunting the smaller birds, up to deer, foxes and badgers.

One vital part of woodland habitats that doesn’t get talked about enough is rotting wood - over 1,700 different kinds of invertebrates can be found living in rotting wood in the UK, roaming around on the forest floor, munching through the wood and decaying leaf litter beneath the trees – recycling the nutrients. The soil beneath is also full of tiny creatures, and thousands of miles of fungal hyphae (the little threads of a fungus), which many plants - especially trees, depend upon for survival.

woman and child entering woodland glade

An amazing gift

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Sponsoring an area of Woodland for a loved one is not only a beautiful gift for any nature lover, but also helps us maintain the 20 hectares of woodland which sustain thousands of species of wildlife, and make the Millennium Country Park such a lovely place to walk, run, cycle and generally just be in.

Sponsorship is sent via email, and includes an information sheet about your chosen habitat, and a personalisable certificate.

If you would like any more information, send us an email or call Robina on 01234 762605.