A habitat in decline

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Reedbeds are a UK priority habitat for conversation - sadly, coastal areas will eventually be lost entirely due to sea-level rise (as a consequence of the climate crisis) so there’s been a focus in recent years on creating them at in land sites to compensate.

We have 20 hectares of reedbeds in the park, both in the Wetlands Nature Reserve and outside the Lakeside Café. Yes, they can look lifeless at first but they are filled with amazing wildlife. Secretive species like the marsh harrier (that were nearly extinct in the 1970s) and the bearded tit use the reeds as shelter to feed on fish at the water’s edge; less flooded areas are teeming with invertebrates like great crested newts and the drier areas provide perfect burrowing habitats for water voles.

A starling murmuration over the Millennium Country Park

The bittern is the really iconic species of reedbeds – due to the dense vegetation, sound is the best means of communication so you hear booming males in spring even if you can’t spot them at the reeds edge (they blend in very well.) Of the 900 reedbeds in the UK, only 50 are big enough to support them so we’re very proud to have them here. Make sure you check out our Scrape Hide in the Wetlands Nature Reserve for a fully immersive experience – if you’re lucky you can hear cetti’s warbler, reed and sedge warblers and the squealing water rails.  

An amazing gift

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Sponsoring an area of reedbed for a loved one is not only a beautiful gift for any nature lover, but also helps us maintain this valuable habitat for the rare species that live and feed in there, and means you'll keep seeing amazing murmerations (like the one above) for years to come!

Sponsorship is sent via email, and includes an information sheet about your chosen habitat, and a personalisable certificate.

If you would like any more information, send us an email or call Robina on 01234 762605.