The most diverse habitat

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Obviously the lakes of the Millennium Country Park are man-made but that doesn’t make them any less valuable to the thousands of species that rely on them. Stewartby Lake is fed into by Elstow Brook, and the Pillinge and our other wetland areas and ponds all feed into each other using an inter-connected pump system. Unfortunately, water levels are getting lower every year which is due to lower rain fall in recent years. This is great for the islands in the Pillinge as it creates more bird nesting habitat, but bad news for the reedbeds as they require more pumping.  

We have several artificial otter holts near Stewartby Lake in a protected area, and they have been seen using the waterways to commute. You’re guaranteed to see loads of species of water birds – from swans to great crested grebe to shoveler – on all of our lakes in the Park, and we run bird walks throughout the year to highlight the migrant species passing through (click here to see any upcoming walks).

The dance of the great crested grebe

Ponds are probably the more diverse habitat, despite their size. In the UK, they support about two thirds of our native freshwater species of plants, invertebrates, mammals and amphibians. In fact, a pond can contain an example of virtually every single major group of animals on the planet.

The Millennium Country Park’s Wetlands may be relatively new but much like young being just as important for the environment as mature trees, a two year old pond can be just as valuable a habitat as one that’s been around for half a century.

An amazing gift

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Sponsoring our ponds and lakes for a loved one is not only a beautiful gift for any nature lover, but look at the species they've brought back to the area in just 20 years. Help us to look after them and in another 20 years, they'll be teeming with even more birds, amphibians and potentially rare species.

Sponsorship is sent via email, and includes an information sheet about your chosen habitat, and a personalisable certificate.

If you would like any more information, send us an email or call Robina on 01234 762605.