An Underrated Habitat

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You probably walk past hundreds of metres of hedgerow every time you visit the Millennium Country Park and don’t think much about it but they are vital habitats for wildlife and, just as importantly, they provide a safe corridor to travel between other habitats.

turtle dove sits in a hedge

The turtle dove is considered a vulnerable species

They are a priority habitat for conservation action within England’s Biodiversity 2020 targets and are very important for a large number of threatened or rare species, including five species of uncommon and rapidly declining bumble bee, two scarce butterflies, the brown and white letter hairstreaks, the rare cirl bunting and the declining turtle dove. In fact, over 125 of the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species list are associated with hedgerows – whether totally reliant on, or just using them to move between habitats.

Sadly most of the UK’s hedgerows are in poor condition, putting dependent wildlife at risk. Local hedgerow surveys suggest that only 41% of the hedges in the area are in a good enough condition to properly support the wildlife that relies on them. This is exactly why we have hundreds of metres of them within the Park - they’re generally left to get thick and bushy so that they’re perfect for attracting the wildlife which is struggling to find decent hedgerows elsewhere. 

white letter hair streak butterfly on a hedge

The white letter hair streak is 'high' on the butterfly conservation priority list

An amazing gift

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Sponsoring an area of Hedgerow for a loved one is not only a beautiful gift for any nature lover, but also a step in the right direction to help us maintain this vital habitat not only for the thousands of species which rely on hedgerows for food and shelter, but all of the threatened species who need them to safely travel between habitats.

Sponsorship is sent via email, and includes an information sheet about your chosen habitat, and a personalisable certificate.

If you would like any more information, send us an email or call Robina on 01234 762605.