Shoot Blue is a camera and lighting equipment rental house based in west London, supplying cutting-edge creative tools for a wide range of film, television and commercial productions. 

We believe that the rental concept, which is the foundation of our business, naturally lends itself to a circular economy of reuse and sustainability, since equipment is used more efficiently, multiple times over, rather than being for sole or single use. With the rental model being fundamental to our business, it also informs our actions towards having an effective and successful environmental strategy. We are striving to be an industry leader in sustainable business practices within the UK film and television production sector.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business and promoting sustainable working practices within the film and television production industry. Some of the measures we have taken to reduce our environmental impact include investment in electric delivery vehicles and using 100% renewable energy in our premises.

Shoot Blue is an accredited sustainable supplier on the BAFTA ALBERT scheme and a signatory of the Green Pledge rental house initiative.

As part of our ongoing commitment to help protect and restore the natural environment, we are pleased to pledge to plant 100 trees per year with The Forest of Marston Vale.

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