45 members of the Bedfordshire Young Farmers headed out to our newest site near Wilstead recently to plant a tree for every one of their 420 members, to mark the government’s Year of Green Action and #IWillForNature campaign.  

Young farmers on site - Photo from Bedfordshire Young Farmers

The campaign was launched to get more young people than ever involved in green issues and environmental social action last year – not only to help combat the climate crisis but also to support local agriculture and build resilience in the local environment.

I feel taking part in the campaign has helped the clubs within Bedfordshire YFC feel like they have done something positive for the local environment, helping provide habitation and create tree coverage for local wildlife and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Alex Way – Bedfordshire YFC Media Officer

We'd like to thank the Bedfordshire Young Farmers and everyone who helped with the planting - our tree planting season continues with our Public Tree Planting on Sun 9th Feb – click here to find out more details and be a part of the next 2 million trees!