Show Wetlands some love

Every year we talk about World Wetlands Day (2nd Feb) – it’s not a hugely promoted global occasion but it really should be. Wetlands are vital – 40% of ALL species live or breed in wetlands. They naturally filter out harmful pollutants and over 1 billion people make a living from them – wetlands are a big deal.

In the summer, you’ll have seen the visiting exhibition/science project – the WoW caravan – at the Forest Centre, using a mixture of science and the arts to explore how important wetlands are in the future management of mosquitos and the spread of disease, as the climate crisis changes our environment. Artists Kerry and Helmut ran guided walks, art sessions and invited guest speakers to look at the impact of wetlands on people’s lives and the economy – you can read more about that here.

If you’re down in London between Mon 27th and Sunday 2nd, make sure you visit another related exhibition ‘Reclaiming Wetland Values’ at the Royal Geographical Society to check out the work done by both WetlandLIFE and CoastWEB to explore how important wetlands are and what they mean to people. We were really honoured to be a part of the project – if you can’t get down there to see it then make sure you visit our Wetlands at the Millennium Country Park, to see just how amazing they are.

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