News from Millennium Country Park | 4th March 2021

If you've explored the Sensory Garden at Millennium Country Park you will definitely have spotted the beautiful wooden arbour that stands in the corner of the plot. A great place for sitting and enjoying your surroundings, the arbour has been around for a good number of years and is a firm favourite with our visitors.

Weathering many winters and glorious summers (and not so glorious summers) has taken it's toll on our weary arbour and caused some of the wood to rot, so unfortunately the time has come to retire this old friend for good to ensure the area is safe and usable.

Fear not though, as we'll be replacing it with a newer model that's going to see us through the next generation of visitors!

One of our contractors was on site today to clear off the climbing plants that covered the limbs - mostly clematis - and dig concrete footings ready for a new structure to go up next week. Once the concrete has set they'll return to erect the new arbour, and complete all safety checks ready for visitors to use.

We're hoping that the climbing plants will regrow in the spring, but if not our team will be planting new clematis to replace any that have been lost.

News from Millennium Country Park | 12th March 2021

When you have a feature that's loved by so many but really needs to be replaced, there's no need to reinvent it! We stuck to the original footprint and structural plan to recreate our popular arbour (with just a few enhancements):

Our new arbour in the Sensory Garden is now open and ready for you to enjoy the beautiful spring weather that we've already had glimpses of.