Do you like seeing newly planted trees? What are your experiences of new woodland? Should everyone have local access to trees? 

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about new tree planting close to where you live. Here at the Forest of Marston Vale Trust, we’re working with Forest Research (the research agency of the Forestry Commission) on a new study which will explore the impacts that new tree planting has on the local community.  

 The Government’s English Tree Planting Programme is based on a commitment to increase tree planting in England to 30,000 hectares per year by 2025 – to put that into context, one hectare is a little bit bigger than an international football pitch. Such a boost to tree planting is expected to provide a range of benefits for the environment and the economy. There will also be benefits for society, for example by providing more woodlands for people to spend time in – which we know can benefit health and wellbeing. This is therefore a good time to undertake a research project to better understand different people’s attitudes to new tree planting, how people may benefit from it, if any barriers are preventing people from accessing such benefits, and what can be improved. 

The 2-year project aims to understand the impacts of new tree planting on local communities across the country, and Forest Research want to hear from members of the local community about their experiences of the tree planting and woodland creation in their area. By building a picture of what local people feel works within new planting schemes, and what could be improved, future schemes will be better able to ensure new woodlands are beneficial for all. This evidence base can help encourage the planting of more local and accessible woodlands. 

What does the project involve? 

There are two parts to the research: 

  1. Forest Research are currently recruiting local community members to take part in three interviews between Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024, each lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Two interviews will take place online or over the phone and one will be at your local Forest of Marston Vale woodland. Participants will receive a £60 shopping voucher.  

  1. Forest Research’s contractors will be delivering a short telephone survey to capture the views of as many people as possible. So, if someone from the project gets in touch, please do spare a few minutes to share your thoughts.  

These are great opportunities for you to share your views on your local woodland. You will be contributing to national research on how new planting schemes can benefit everyone. No expert knowledge is required for either part of the research, just a willingness to share your thoughts and experiences of the woodlands. 

How can I get involved? 

If you would like to read more about the project, you can visit

If you would like to sign up for the interviews, please complete this consent form

If you want to find out more about the interviews, please contact  

This project is funded through the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund.