What a lovely way to start the weekend - we've just received a donation of £2000 from a very generous Friend of the Forest, in response to our Help us get growing again appeal. There's lots of individuals, families, businesses and other charities facing financial challenges right now, just as we are, which makes us even more grateful when people choose us as a charity to support.

One of our major sources of income is the Forest Centre and whilst our Lakeside Cafe is open again, most of our events are cancelled and those that we can run are with reduced numbers. Throughout this challenging time our Friends of the Forest have continued to support us, keeping us going. We've even had some Friends who've increased their monthly donations to us and others who've made extra 'one-off' donations. Recently some new Friends have joined, many as a thank-you to us for the woodlands we've created and that they've been able to enjoy throughout lockdown.

We're thankful to every one of them because it's with all their help that we can keep the Forest growing - looking after the woodlands we've created and helping plant more trees.