£5 per Explorer Pack (to hire)

Forests matter - to all of us as well as the wildlife that lives in them, and there is no better way to show children the magic of woodlands than by getting out there and exploring. You can now hire Explorer Packs from the Forest Centre to make your visit a real adventure! Available at Reception, 7 days a week. 

Sensational Senses – Helping you to use your sense of touch, sight, sound and smell to explore the woodlands like you never have before. Included in the pack: blindfolds, beakers and magic water for making smelly cocktails, crayons and paper for bark rubbing, a scavenger hunt and more.

Minibeast Safari – Get up close and personal with a whole range of minibeasts, using the pack to examine and identify them. How many will you find? Included in the pack: sweep nets, bug pots, magnifying glasses, pooters, identification charts and paintbrushes.

Magic of Trees –  See how many different types of trees you can find in the Park and discover the magical creatures that live there. Included in the pack: tree and minibeast identification guides, leaf spotter sheets, crayons and paper for bark rubbing and plasticine for making tree goblins.

Beautiful Birds – Perfect for any keen birders or nature lovers, or even for bird-watching beginners. Included in the pack: binoculars, bird identification guides, Birdie Bingo and fact sheets about the birds in the Park.

Instructions for the activities are included in all Packs. If you want to hire more than 4 packs, please call us on 01234 767037 to check availability.

Please note – we require a security deposit before you hire an explorer pack – either a driving license, debit/credit card or car keys. This item will be locked away at Reception for the duration of your visit. We do not accept cash as a deposit.

These packs have been produced thanks to funding from Tesco Bags of Help, the Co-op in Marston Moretaine and a donation from the late Wendy Ann Parks. 

If you're a school group looking for a guided visit, click here for more information, call 01234 762614 or email us.

If you are looking for more things to do with the kids in the great outdoors, we have some activity sheets for you to download, which can be used at any woodlands in the Forest of Marston Vale.