Back to nature 

We want to get schools and nurseries in the Forest of Marston Vale using their local community woodland for Forest Schools. We created the woodlands to be used by the local communities, and they are the perfect places for children to connect with nature.

What is a Forest School?

Essentially, it’s an opportunity for kids to run around outside and have fun. Trained providers show children basic, outdoor skills (e.g how to whittle wood, making knots) and then they are left to their own devices to find out solutions in their own time. It’s an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in nature and explore woodlands, which they may not get to do in their free time.

Video - Surrey County Council

The benefits of Forest School

Forest school allows children freedom to explore and learn on their own terms and at their own speeds, whilst encouraging an understanding and respect for nature that hopefully stays with them for life. It lets them use their imagination and learn through discovery rather than simply ‘being taught’. It’s a great way for kids to develop bonds within their groups, and learn from each other, boosting confidence and communication skills.

Two girls look for minibeasts

What we offer

We can help you setup a Forest School at your local community woodland (see the full list here) or alternatively we can advise you on the development of wild areas and smaller Forest-School-type plots within school grounds.

Get in touch

For more information, call Jo on 01234 762608 or send her an email.