We don’t just plant trees

We also thin them out (aka cut some down) as part of woodland management. This is essential in order to let light onto the woodland floor, and give other trees room to grow. Contrary to popular belief, woods can’t just look after themselves – over hundreds of years the plants and wildlife of woodlands have become accustomed to being managed so without it, they wouldn’t thrive.

Firewood and kindling prices 

Back in stock!

1 net £6.50
5 nets £30
10 nets £55
20 nets £85 (+ free net of kindling)
40 nets £170 (+ 3 free bags of kindling, and delivery)
1 net of kindling £5 or 2 for £9
1 barrow bag of kindling (8 nets) £30

To place an order, please call 01234 762603 or email us. Delivery is only available within the Forest of Marston Vale area.

Where it all began

In 2010 our team were thinning woodland at the Grange Estate and realised that they were creating a lot of deadwood, which could probably be serving a more useful purpose than just lying around….and our firewood enterprise was born!

In the beginning, everything was done by hand with axes and hand saws and stored under some tarpaulin. By 2013, things had grown quite a bit with the arrival of our new barn and workshop (thanks to funding from Natural England) including machinery to cut and split the wood. The new machinery dramatically increased the quality and quantity of timber that we could process, and the new storage facility meant that we could properly store and season the wood to an optimum 20% moisture content (there is some more info on seasoning wood here)

A growing woodland economy

Thinning trees is part of the natural cycle of woodlands. Money we raise from selling firewood allows us to plant more trees – not just for firewood, but also for the people and wildlife who use and enjoy our woodlands.

Our wood is licensed by the Grown in Britain scheme, whose sole aim is to encourage the use of British timber by individuals and businesses throughout the UK, which ties in perfectly with what we want to encourage – a growing woodland economy.

For more information on firewood or woodland management please call 01234 762603 or email us.


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