Management Plans

Here are the current management plans, appendices and 5 year action plan for the Millennium Country Park.

Management Plan - setting out the aims, objectives and priorities for the successful management and development of the Park. 

Appendices to Management Plan - Supporting documentation (e.g. maps, species lists, etc)

5 Year Action Plan 

Woodland Management Plan

If you have any further questions about these documents, please contact our Head Ranger Anna on 01234 762614 or send her an email.

Drone Policy

We recognise the recent increase in the popularity of flying drones (unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) as a recreational activity. We are also seeing concerns expressed by visitors to our sites, where the flying of drones is causing nuisance and disturbance to others. Drones also have potential to disturb birds and other wildlife (particularly during the breeding season). Few non-commercial users have sufficient training or permission to operate drones, and should a drone cause damage or harm, pilots generally do not have the correct insurance to compensate those affected. For the safety and enjoyment of other people and to protect wildlife, drone flying is not allowed from or over Forest of Marston Vale Trust land except by contractors commissioned by the Trust for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) criteria and have the correct insurance.

For further information on flying drones, and how to do so safely, please consult the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines and Dronesafe.