1) Hapa Zome artwork

You might not of heard of this Japanese art form but it's very simple. Get some juicy flowers/leaves (like dandalion, clover, ground ivy etc - make sure you only use stuff that you know is safe) a rolling pin and some toilet roll and head outside.

Arrange the flowers etc on a strip of toilet roll (or something absorbent like a napkin) on a paving slab or a surface that you don't mind being bashed about; put another layer over the top - roll them flat together and then bash them using the flat end of the rolling pin (or a mallet).

When you (carefully) peel away the top layer you should have some interesting colours and shapes - aka Hapa Zome artwork. My attempt is pictured below (thanks to our Catering Manager Steve for suggesting this one!)

Hapa Zome flower artwork on toilet roll

2) Natural paintbrushes

Find some decent sticks, and some natural 'brush heads' (flowers, leaves, grass, feathers...whatever you can find) and tie them on with string/thread to create a variety of new paintbrushes. (Credit to Messy Little Monster)

Natural brushes from Messy Little Monster

3) Make a fairy door

This isn't as hard as it sounds - we aren't talking about a complex, woodwork project - all you need are some lolly sticks (or something similar if you need to improvise), cardboard, paints/felt pens and something for the doorknob (like a button).

Cut the cardboard to the desired door size; paint/colour in the lolly sticks and glue the individually to the card. Stick your door knob/button on; paint/colour in a keyhole and voila! You can add stones or other embellishments underneath for effect, or you can stick it straight out in the garden to encourage fairy/elf visitors, it's up to you! (Credit to the BBC)

Home made Fairy door - credit to the BBC

4) Water pistol painting

This one is pretty self explanatory but will keep anyone of any age occupied (if I had a water pistol, I 100% would've tried this one). Fill a water pistol with liquid watercolours if you have them (but you can experiment with whatever paint you have), prop up some watercolour paper (again, use whatever paper you have) on a washable surface outside, and let them spray away. (Credit to Fireflies and Mudpies)

Water pistol paintings - credit Fireflies and Mudpies

5) Make pebble caterpillars

You can do this one two ways - the easy way is to collect some pebbles/stones, paint them different colours, draw on a face with a Sharpie/marker and then lay them down to form the body of the caterpillar. The slightly more complex way, is to use a glue gun to glue them in position, add smaller stone feet, and then attach some stick antennae as well. Either way, it's a lovely decoration for the home or garden! (Credit to Nellie Bellie)

Hand painted stone caterpillar credit to Nellie Bellie

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