Tree planting is a big topic right now. Forest fires are raging in the Amazon and across large parts of Australia and there is growing, global unrest about the climate crisis. People want to get involved in tangible ways – trees are the best hope we have of trying to restore some balance to the environment and people are starting to realise that more than ever, by getting involved in tree planting events and donating to charities and organizations who are re-foresting.  

Our individual carbon footprints aren’t the cause of the catastrophic fires going on – there are obviously many factors, but it’s becoming more and more clear that everyone has a responsibility to think about the way they live, and make it as eco-friendly as they can, as these events become more common place and more destructive, year on year.

Children planting trees in the Forest of Marston Vale

Taking steps

In 2019, the Forest Team decided that we would calculate how many trees we needed to plant to offset the flights we’d taken that calendar year; using 4 trees per tonne of carbon as a guide we’ve worked out that we need to plant 65 between all of us. So at this year’s Public Tree Planting we shall all be getting involved – most of the Team will be there on the day, so in between our duties we’ll be planting trees and keeping a tally in our main tent.  

You can get involved by calculating how many tonnes of carbon your flights have created by using this calculator - multiplying the number by 4 and then coming along to our Public Tree Planting (Sun 9th Feb) to plant as many trees as you need.

This is just one way you can make a difference – obviously there are lots of factors to your impact on the environment from the way you drive, to the way you eat, to the way you dress. It’s not really acceptable to do absolutely nothing anymore – we’ve all got to work together as a species.

Can’t make the tree planting?

We’re also running our Plant One On Us scheme again this winter so if you aren’t able to make the tree planting you can get a tree to plant in your garden (if you apply here very soon – we’re ordering the trees next week). Obviously if you have more land available and would like to plant lots of trees we’d love to help, so email us or call Jo on 01234 762608 to get on the list. 

If you’re not in the area or can’t make the Tree Planting, then making a donation of any size can help us to get more trees in the ground and fight the climate crisis. It’s an oldie but a goodie – every little helps!


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