We are very much into improving the environment by helping people to lead more ‘Green’ lifestyles, which is why we support the Forest of Marston Vale.

By Mary Vincent ǀ The Wood Pellet Delivery Company

We are a family company in Norfolk trading as Green Home Energy Solutions and The Wood Pellet Delivery Company. This year we started working with the Forest of Marston Vale, in an attempt to go a bit further to help our planet. 

A little more about how we help our customers become more environmentally friendly...

We install and look after solar PV, so that our customers can use energy created by the sun. We also install batteries so the energy generated can be captured and used in the evening. As many more people move to electric vehicles we now also install car chargers. Our other technologies include Solar Thermal, Air source heat pumps and Biomass. 

We have been installing Biomass Boilers for many years now. These are boilers that run on wood pellets in the main. The pellets are made from wood sourced from sustainable forests and classed as a carbon neutral way to heat your home and helping people to move away from fossil fuels. We branched out into the supplying of the pellets, and The Wood Pellet Delivery Company was born. It was because we are now supplying so many hundreds of tonnes of wood pellets that we decided we wanted to help to replenish that wood, it just felt better from an environmental perspective. This was the reason for our partnership with the Forest of Marston Vale. For every single delivery of blown wood pellets, a tree is planted on that customer’s behalf. We expect to be able to plant over 1000 trees in the first 12 months. We try and plan routes to use the least amount of fuel possible to keep down our carbon footprint. 

As a company we also deliver wood pellets in bags, and this year we made the change to recyclable bags. We collect the bags and use them again, and our customers are really pleased with this. Less plastic is always a good thing. 

Practising what we preach
From an office point of view we obviously recycle any paper, but we do try to be as paperless as possible. The pandemic has actually increased our ability to be paperless as we have had to find ways to work remotely with each other and this has made us more innovative. 

The office is powered by solar, with 2 Tesla batteries to store the energy. Along with Solar thermal, Ground source heat hump for heating and a rain water harvester the office is about as carbon neutral as it can be.

We look forward to a greener future working with the Forest of Marston Vale!

Want to support tree planting in your local area?

If you want to give back to the planet and help the environment you can, by helping us plant and look after more trees in the Forest with a small monthly donation:

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