These local woods are a delight in all seasons

By Roger and Carol Wallman ǀ Volunteer Wood Wardens, Forest of Marston Vale

Gateway Woods in AutumnButtons Ramsey, The Kill and Hoo Corner at Gateway Woods have been a lifeline during this past year. They are enjoyed by people of all ages, on foot and on horseback. Easy access and good walking conditions make them a great favourite for families and dog walkers.

Clever planting and maintenance has ensured that there is great interest throughout the year. What is spectacular in early summer is the avenue of wild apple trees in bloom. A riot of blossom and colour. A little later wild roses abound along the margins of the footpaths and many of the trees have magnificent blossom and seeds.

At present, catkins of all sorts abound and many buds are beginning to form. Birds too are beginning to be more active. We thought we heard a skylark today but maybe that's wishful thinking...

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