Photo - credit to: Cambs Fire Service

It isn't rocket science - starting fires in woodlands is bad. Starting fires in very dry woodlands, where there hasn't been rain for weeks and probably won't be for weeks, is even worse. This extends to barbecues - they aren't allowed on our sites, so please don't bring them. 

Recently, the reedbed in a St Neots pocket park was deliberately set alight (see photo above), taking multiple fire crews to put out and completely destroying habitats for everything from birds, to harvest mice, to damselflies and newts. This kind of habitat loss literally couldn't come at a worse time, with the climate crisis making our wildlife ever less likely to exist so abundantly for future generations. 

We've been lucky to avoid any major damage thus far, but with more than 3 fires in one week, recently, we are obviously very concerned for the safety of the Park and it's wildlife.

We know that the people starting these fires don't care about any of this of course - if they did, then they wouldn't do it. But we want to beg anyone who knows anyone who might be remotely involved in this type of criminal damage, to have a word with them. 

For more information, email us.