Why you should volunteer

Today is what they call Blue Monday – a day created (largely by the media) to categorise the mid-January slump most people find themselves in when they realise that their new year’s resolutions haven’t worked out, or that they’re nearly out of their December wage packet, or that they ate too much over Christmas etc. For whatever reason, someone has produced a ‘scientific theory’ to prove that the third Monday in January, or thereabouts, is the day when this all peaks.

We aren’t here to question this incredibly-questionable science, however - we’re here to suggest something to beat the blues. Volunteering. The best way to feel better is to get out there and try something new – even if you can’t stand meeting new people, or don’t want to get your hands dirty. Once you’ve met the new people once, they aren’t new anymore; if you want to do something indoors, then we have plenty of admin and events throughout the year that we need help with.

Volunteers paint a bird hide in the Wetlands Nature Reserve

It's good for you!

Volunteering is proven to give a renewed sense of purpose, improve life skills and even offer a cv-boost, if you’re interested in that side of things. Meeting new people, although sometimes scary, is good for you. If you’re after a new challenge, volunteering in the Forest would be an amazing way of trying something you’ve never done before.  

Obviously, we aren’t medical professionals and this doesn’t refer to genuine depression or mental health issues – we acknowledge that there’s no quick fix for anything. But if you are just feeling like you want to do something to get off the sofa and make a difference in your local community, you should talk to us about becoming a Forest Volunteer.

There’s a bit more information on our Volunteering page, but to speak to someone about what we get up to then call Jo on 01234 762608 or send her an email.

If you don’t have regular time to spare, then another great way of taking your mind off everything is to take a stroll at any of our woodlands – even a short walk is beneficial to your health, and it gives you a chance to take in the beauty of the Forest. Win-win.