An alternative idea

It’s peak New Year’s resolutions time, and there’s nothing more annoying than feeling forced into giving something up, or pretending you like doing something, only to give it up after 3 weeks. So we have an alternative idea for you…

This isn’t something that requires a huge amount of commitment – you don’t have to watch what you’re eating, or drinking and you only have to do it once a year: plant a tree.

Planting a tree gives back to the planet, you already know that – but it is going to grow and become so much more than just something pretty to look at. It’ll be a home for hundreds, perhaps thousands of species in its lifetime and provide nutrients for thousands more long after it’s dead.

Canopy of a tree as seen from below

Do you travel a lot? Planting trees will give you the warm, glowing feeling that you’ve offset at least some of your carbon emissions. I fly a lot personally, so I need to plant around 16 trees next year to make up for some of the damage I’ve done to the environment this year.

It doesn’t have to be about giving something back, though. Planting trees can be a deeply satisfying, almost spiritual experience. You’re doing something that will have direct consequences thousands of years into the future, after all.

So make it your New Year’s resolution to come along to our Public Tree Planting on Sun 4th Feb – plant a tree, and know that you’ve done something that’s ultimately better for the planet, and thousands of other living creatures, than just giving up chocolate for a fortnight.

For more information about our tree planting, or how to plant your own trees at home, email us or call 01234 762608.