Located eight miles north-east of the Forest in St. Neots Cambridgeshire, ABB’s Recording & Control Business design and manufacture a range of electronic equipment used to monitor and control industrial processes. Sustainability is one of the core values of our business, as they continuously seek to reduce their impact on the environment.

From their St Neots factory they ship products to approximately 50 countries globally, many of which include printed instruction manuals. They're reducing the amount of instruction manuals that they print and are now pledging to plant trees to offset the environmental impact of the ones they inevitably do have to print.

Many of our products are used in applications to safeguard the environment from the impact of industrial processes, for example monitoring water quality or improving energy efficiency.  In addition to helping our customers manage their environmental impact reducing our own is a top priority.  With many of our employees living in and around the vicinity of the forest partnering with The Forest of Marston Vale is a great way for us to make a difference locally.

 - Martin Binney, Global Product Line Manager