Works in the Park

New fencing will be going up around Stewartby Watersports Club from Fri 24th January... Read more

Local heroes offsetting their flights

The Macmillans have clubbed together with their friends to donate an amazing £3398 to plant another 424 trees in the Forest, to off-set their flights... Read more

Making a flying start...

The time to do nothing has definitely passed - we calculated that as a Team we need to plant 65 trees to offset our carbon for 2019... Read more

Young Farmers plant 420 trees

Bedfordshire Young Farmers just planted an amazing 420 trees at our site near Wilstead to mark the government's Year of Green Action 2019 Read more

Give back to trees this Christmas

Trees make life better - this Christmas we're asking for your help to plant another 5 million in the Forest Read more

How we've improved Bedfordshire

It's Bedfordshire Day on Thurs 28th and we're looking at the impact we've had on the county since the early 1990s... Read more

A trillion trees

Things are looking a bit bleak at the moment which is exactly why we're so determined to remind everyone that trees make life better! Read more

Woodlands Awards Winner 2019

We're very chuffed to have won an award at this years' Woodlands Awards! Read more

Climate crisis - the good, the bad, and

Millions of people recently marched against climate change all over the world - the biggest mass movement in generations. But things are still starting to look a lot worse than previously thought... Read more

Climate Strike Day

Today is the start of a week long, global climate strike - millions of people are taking the day off work to get involved and march, all around the world. Read more

Well done riders!

This Sunday, 2 of our staff and 5 other heroes got on their bikes to do the London to Brighton to raise money for the Forest. Read more

Raffle prize winners

If you entered the raffle at our Forest Family Fun Day and haven't yet checked to see if you won anything, make sure you check out our list! Read more