A fond farewell

Today we say goodbye to our Chief Executive, Nick Webb. After 7 years with the Trust... Read more

Local music and local gin

From April 26th, we'll be hosting monthly, local music nights to showcase local talent provided by Spectrum Elite! We'll also be featuring Bedfordshire's own Willow Tree Gin... Read more


Insects make up two-thirds of life on the planet but they're declining faster than ever. Read more

1000 kids + 3700 trees

We've just finished tree planting for this year's DEFRA 1 Million Trees scheme, with over 1000 kids from the local area - and we're a bit inspired by it all... Read more


We want everyone to be able to enjoy our sites but unfortunately there are some people who can't keep their dogs under control... Read more

You planted one on us!

Our Plant One on us scheme was a big success! Thank you to everyone who came out this week to collect their trees and help us plant an additional 300 trees in the Forest... Read more

Local Charities Day

We're a bit biased, but we think local charities are the best! This Friday 14th Dec, it's a nationwide celebration of small local charities, and we want you to get involved... Read more

International Volunteer Day

December 5th is the UN's International Volunteer Day so we're taking the time to say a special thank you to all of our volunteers... Read more

Stunning kingfisher footage from the Grange

If you watch one thing today it should be this stunning 9 minute footage of a nesting kingfisher, shot by local photographer Brian Bevan at the Grange Estate. Read more

How using the internet on your phone is affecting the planet

Data centres use up 1% of the world's electricity, and we have more (by square metre) in the UK than China and India! The numbers are scary, but thankfully lots of companies are doing something about it... Read more

World Habitat Day

It's World Habitat Day! And while the UN are focussing on humans, we're looking at British woodlands, and how important trees are for providing habitats for wildlife and humans alike. Read more

National Fitness Day

Did you know that it's National Fitness Day this Wednesday? Even if you're already a gymaholic, we have some ideas that might inspire you to take your exercise outside... Read more