Love your Forest

Donate £1 here if you wear something green

You know how important we think Forests are for the planet – they cool and clean our air, house 80% of terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects and have immeasurable health benefits for us humans.

Unfortunately, 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed every year and – as we know - deforestation contributes to up to 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions which are making the impending impact of climate change even worse.

So in 2012, the UN declared 21st March to be the annual International Day of Forests so that member nations could celebrate the magic of trees together and raise awareness of their utter brilliance.

Wear it green

We are celebrating in the Forest of Marston Vale by wearing green on Thurs 21st March and we want you to do the same! So have a root around in your wardrobe and find something green to wear - a T-shirt, jeans, scarf or socks - anything green is good.

Your local Forest

We're making a difference locally by creating the Forest of Marston - your Community Forest. Already this year we've planted 2,500 trees in Wilstead, given away 300 trees to people living in the Forest to plant at home and also planted 3,718 trees with 700 children in the grounds of 5 schools.

Show some love for your local Forest by joining in and wearing something green on Thursday 21st March and, if you can, get your office or school, friends or neighbours to join in too. Sign up by clicking the box above to tell us you're going to Wear it Green and if you can make a small donation of £1 on the day you'll be helping us to keep planting trees