Pardon the pun! This Sunday (4th Feb) we were amazed that over 500 people braved the cold to come out and plant trees at Waypost Wood in Cranfield. Despite the turn in the weather, people were still heading over by the bus load from the Forest Centre and we actually ran out of trees right at the end of the day (though thankfully, we didn’t run out of hot chocolate!)

Thank you to everyone who came out and planted, however many you managed – our record holders (that we know of) were Gregory (age 11) who planted 26 on his own, and the local Scouts who planted an amazing 101 between their group (all pictured below). From toddlers, to grandmas, we love the fact that every time we have a public tree planting event, we see people of all ages coming along to get stuck in.

Children show how many trees they


Over 2500 trees were planted, which means that after our upcoming corporate planting days, the site will be completed! Waypost Wood is our newest site and sits at the edge of Cranfield, just behind Millennium Park. If you couldn’t make the tree planting, and aren’t feeling the current weather, then make sure you get down there in summer and check it out.

Thanks for being a part of the creation of the Forest of Marston Vale – it’s great to see that so many other people obviously agree with us that trees make life better!

We can only keep creating woodlands with your help! If you want to help us plant more trees and create more woodlands in the Forest area, even the smallest amount would help us towards our goal of another 5 million trees in the ground:

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