And it's starting to show

We asked everyone to send in updates and photos of the trees they planted earlier in the year, and we've had some great responses. 

Nick from Cranfield planted 25 trees on his land in Cranfield earlier this year as part of our Plant One On Us scheme and, despite a bit of a shakey start with the late frost, they are now doing great (as you can see above).

A sapling in the ground, and a little girl with a sapling in a pot

Friend of the Forest Jill's hazel (above left) is settling nicely in Wingfield and Marti's hazel (above right) in Marston Moretaine is due to be planted properly once the garden is re-arranged (credit to Marti's little helper)..

We had a lovely quote from the Litchfield's in Wootton, who planted a cherry tree in their garden:

A cherry tree makes our house a home. It’s our little family tradition. We have always loved walking around the Country Park when the kids were younger. It’s lovely to have a bit of the forest with us.

Thanks to the Litchfields and everyone else who took part, there will now be 346 more trees in the area, producing 346 times more oxygen, capturing 346 times more carbon, and housing 346 times more wildlife – it’ll take them some time to get there as they’re obviously only saplings right now, but in the future this will make a massive difference to the local area. If everyone took small steps towards helping the environment, the planet would be in way better position than it is now – if you’re interested in getting involved in Plant One On Us next winter, then click below to get on our list.

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